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Caring for family members can become a financial drain on both the family and the loved one.  Nursing Home Solutions can provide expert financial planning that can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousand of dollars in Long Term Nursing Care costs. NHS has more than 30 years experience helping families obtain excellent Nursing Home Care quickly, legally and with a minimum of stress.

Know the Facts:

  1. Medicare, private insurance policies as well as HMO's do not cover Long-Term Nursing Home Care.
  2. You have already paid into Government programs that exist to pay these costs.
  3. Adding Medi-Cal to your Medicare or HMO Package, will help cover the Long-Term Nursing Home Care cost of your loved one!
  4. Families with homes or savings often needlessly, “spend down” all of their assets paying for Nursing Home Care.

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We conduct an in-depth, free telephone assessment to determine if your family will benefit from our services. If we determine that we can help you, we then arrange for an in-office consultation.

Stop the spend down of your family's hard earned assets and ensure your loved one gets the proper care they deserve.

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